About Us

Lakshya Sadhana is the result of realizing our dream to provide the best services and the most appropriate training to the mentally challenged for their integration into the mainstream of society. We have started the organization in 1997 after having it registered under the AP public Societies Act(Regd.no.5750). We conducted a survey in which we found that though there are several M.R in the areas of Malkajgiri, Moula-ali ,Safilguda, Neredmet and Sainikpuri there is no organization, which provides them any services for their training and rehabilitation. We started the Special school, vocational training center with residential care with only 4 children in Safilguda in a rented house and from then on we have increased our services and beneficiaries gradually year after year. Our organization was started with the aim of provided them training with multidisciplinary approach.
SERVICES : We are providing the mentally challenged children special educational services which include personal skills namely activities of daily living, social skills, functional academics, communication skills and pre- vocational skills which are basic to perform any vocational training in making Candles, file/pad, , phenol , tailoring & gardening. We are conducting parent counseling and home based training. After completion of training,. We are also providing  speech therapy and physiotherapy services as per need of the children. We also give them training in various indoor and out door sports and games. We are also providing them exposure to various recreation activities namely Yoga, Music Dance & Drawing.

  • Individualized Education program for each child in all the spheres of development based on the priority of need.
  • Speech therapy providing inputs in a group situation.
  • Physiotherapy and Early intervention.
  • Individualized training program for the adolescents and adults in vocational training involving assembling technique.
  • Homely environment with freedom and liberty and emphasizing responsibility and care in the residential home.

PROJECTS : We have taken several projects since the inception of our organization. We have conducted 2 cultural meets for the M.R in which we have conducted competitions for them in various events like drawing and painting, singing, fancy dress competitions, Quiz and Exhibition of Articles made by them. In those 2 cultural meets more than 200 M.R participated and made them successful. We have conducted surveys in the nearby villages and identified the M.R and disabled and provided them referral service and training. We have identified semi-educated and uneducated unemployed youth below poverty line in the rural area of B.J.R Nagar of Shameerpet Mandal, Ranga Reddy dist. And gave them training in vocational skills namely making envelopes, files/pads and phenol along with mentally handicapped in our institute. We undertook this project with the assistance of CAPART. The unique feature of this project was integration of MR with normal individuals. We have conducted survey in Medak district and identified the MR in that area and identified their needs. We started a special school for them there. We are planning to establish residential homes in which we are planning to provide permanent care for the M.R even after the parents.
BENEFICIARIES : We have started the organization in 1997 with 4 beneficiaries and now we are offering our services to 100 M.R. We have M.R. people of all ages ranging from 5 years to 50 years. We have children of all levels of severity from severe mild. We do not have any restrictions for admissions. We join MR of all ages and level of severity.
ACCOMMODATION : At present we have rented two buildings, one for Special school and Vocational training center and the other for Residential care of these children.
TRANSPORT : At present, we are having a one swarajmajd bus and maruthi van for the transport facility of our children.
STAFF : We are maintaining a teacher student ratio of 1:7 from beginning. We have 6 trained Special educators, 1 Vocational Instructor and 4 Junior Teachers, a Speech therapist, a Physiotherapist a Music teacher, a cook, a sweeper, Two Ayahs, a Watchman and a Medical Doctor for the training and rehabilitation of these children.
FUNDING : We have started the organization with our own resources and with the support of friends and parents of our beneficiaries. We have run the organization till recently with the help of our friends, parents of our beneficiaries and voluntary donation from philanthropic minded people. Now we are planning to take up more and more projects to provide more and more qualitative and appropriate services to the MR by which we can make them more independent and adjustable to the society.